What is cryptocurrency mining, and how can it make you money?

Simply put cryptocurrency mining is using computer resources to create new coin while also improving the cryptonetwork’s operations. To make money, miners solve new blocks in the blockchain either as an individual worker or as part of a collective. Upon solving a block, miners receive their new currency in an online wallet. This coin can later be traded for real-world currency at the daily exchange rate.

While most mining companies shroud their organization and server locations in mystery, the most reliable and stable ones do not. Genesis Mining, for instance, has offices in Iceland. A European-run company with outsanding customer service response times, it offers an Ether Mining Contract for two years that requires no maintenance fees. Plus, it deposits a daily transaction directly to your wallet for Ether mining. The cost to get started is minimal, and the investment is likely to earn significant real-word cash if cryptomarkets remain stable or increase in value as they are projected to do.