Are you looking for a free, secure online bank where you can store your cryptocurrency? Do you want the features of a real-world bank without the hassle? Can you expect the security of working with a financial business in London when dealing with digital financial cryptos?

What does Cryptopay offer ?

It’s all available. Cryptopay offers an online service for storing, selling, or buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Just like a regular bank, Cryptopay holds digital coins in named accounts. At your direction, they can send or receive cryptocurrencies as well as exchange them with all the major government-backed financial instruments. Cryptopay can even help you spend your bitcoin anywhere in the world that accepts credit or debit cards. Ethereum traders will be glad to know that an Ethereum wallet is coming soon.

This bank requires a minimum deposit of $250, has no limit on payouts, and will trade as little as $1. It offers a flex account, a debit card, and integration with e-commerce sites that accept bitcoin or other cryptopayments. Buying and selling is easy for bank members, and customer support is always available by live chat, social media, or email.